Welcome to Our School

St. Therese Public School is dedicated to excellence in all the work that it does, with the aim of enabling our students to develop as rounded individuals who can thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. From its beginning in 1994, STPS has been dedicated to the vision of providing worldclass education based on CBSE system. We are well known throughout the region for being an inclusive school where every child is valued and encouraged to achieve their fullest potential. We strive to enable our students to realise their potential through exceptional opportunities, within a nurturing community which equips them to flourish in life and to make a difference for good. STPS is committed to providing an inspiring and challenging education for every student within a caring and supportive environment.


Our Best Activities

The Cocurricular Activities Program provides activities to complement the classroom-based School curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate in the program to broaden their interests and develop skills. The aims of the Cocurricular Activities Program are to enhance the positive physical, emotional and social development of students; to extend student learning outside the classroom-based curriculum through the provision of excellent enrichment and sporting activities; to encourage and support all learners in the development of their creative capacities and personal insights; to foster a community of learners through increased and diverse interaction between staff and students and to broaden experiences and perspectives in learning to achieve a better understanding of the world and its endless possibilities.

Sports Zone

Sport at STPS is designed to allow each student the opportunity to develop skills, fitness, correct behaviour and attitudes of fair play. The sporting program is a vital part of the learning and development process of our students. All the actions and interactions of our sport program are underpinned by the School values of excellence, diversity, learning, respect and connectedness.

Arts Zone

Students are encouraged to participate in the many varied opportunities that surround them both inside and outside the classrooms. Through a program of cultural activities the intellectual, creative and personal talents of each individual are stimulated and nurtured. The School offers opportunities for students to be involved in activities such as debating, public speaking, music, theatre, dance, computing, school magazine, ceramics, and many others.

Club Zone

At STPS one can find several clubs run by different departments which allow students to develop their skills, creative capacities and personal insights.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and demonstrate best practice education, and to make a world-class education available and accessible to all children in the region. To achieve this, we are committed to providing a challenging, enriching and supportive learning environment, which develops confident and articulate students who have the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes needed to shape their future and contribute meaningfully to the community.

Learning Community

Our School is a Learning Community, not only for our students but our faculty as well. Each staff member is actively encouraged to participate in continuing education whether through advanced degrees or participation in education conferences.We believe that the St. Therese Public School offers an outstanding experience which our students will cherish for the rest of their lives. To find out more about the exciting life and opportunities at STPS, we invite you to learn about our school and see for yourself why our school enjoys an enviable reputation.


Teaching 21st-century skills demands more than providing a student with a computer or replacing a teacher’s blackboard with an interactive White Board. It requires teachers to transform the hardware and software of technology into an interactive tool that does not replace interpersonal classroom teaching and learning, but takes it to the next level. Once students begin to understand the implications of digital literacy and the potential of technology for research, virtual collaboration, and communication, the capacity for classroom learning and bringing the world into the classroom greatly expands.