COSMOS – The Science Club

In view of the rapid to strides being made in the fields of science and technology, we have a fully functional Science Club. This club functions under the supervision and expert guidance of teachers, and broadly aims to inculcate an improve scientific temper amongst our students, promote scientific thinking and new ideas and enhance scientific awareness.

MATHEMATICA – The Maths Club

The Maths Club has been introduced with the aim of making Mathematics fun for students. It aims, through various activities, to help students grasp mathematical concepts better. Outcomes from this club are also ploughed back into the school math laboratory.

SWIFT – The IT Club

Computers today form an integral part of our lives. There’s very little that we can do without computers. Computers and computer chips are today embedded in just about everything that we use, from cars to washing machines, to watches and alarm clocks. The cyber club aims to increase students’ awareness of computers and their uses in our daily life, with a view to prepare citizens of tomorrow who are better suited to deal with information technology.

PRITHVI – The Nature Club

Human beings are partand parcel of nature.The survival of all living beings depends on how we protect the nature.There is a growing tendency prevalent in the society that how to exploit nature unnaturally for his vested interests. In order to show the importance of nature and its preservation and conversation, Nature Club comes with an initiative step to keep the ecosystem protected.

ASTRO – The Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club for students has been introduced with an aim to inculcate scientific temper amongst students by introducing concepts of Science through a process of inquiry, experimentation and analysis so that they can relate their knowledge to their own environment. Our budding astronomers also have the distinction of having discovered several asteroids; no mean feat for a student.

The Health Club

Education today has acquired a flavor and character that’s never been before. With blurring of borders and overlapping of cultures, the world has shrunk to emerge as a single huge market place. Disparate consumers, heterogeneous work forces, converging technologies, information on the fly, market driven price structures.